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Husnain Ali Awan

Senior Business Advisor




Husnain has a vast amount of experience in Practice Management and Leading Operations within a Law Firm. His experience stems from managing a hugely successful Aluminium and Steel Door Frame Company in Dubai, which was a Family Run Business and once developed and grown this was sold for a lucrative amount. During his time in Dubai he also qualified as a partly qualified ACCA Accountant, and he has developed massive skills in developing individuals and their Businesses.

As part of his Business experiences both in the UK and abroad Husnain has acquired exposure in a broad range of different industries, which has helped him advise many individuals and Companies to develop their Businesses to hugely successful levels. This now brings him to formulate the hub of his experiences and deliver a One Stop Service to those looking to advance, excel and prosper with their Businesses in every way forward.



We are happy to work with any Business

SBS LTD provide tailored advice to suit a vast number of Businesses in all sectors and industries; with the continual aim of delivering vast prosperity with huge client base increases and massive returns on profits.

Business development and continual progression is the forte of SBS Ltd and with it's proven track record with assisting the expansion of a sole practitioner Law Firm into a Limited Company Law Firm, and for this reason it would be unwise to miss the opportunity of expansion of your Business.